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1/8/2007 8:03:02 AM
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I'd like to be able to allow visitors to post comments on my website content, is it possible to do this in MojoPortal? I tried adding an HTML module with a Blog module below it but have a problem with the blogging module (see other post) so was unable to see if this is how it works...


1/8/2007 8:16:02 AM
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Re: User comments

Currently there is no general commenting feature, only the blog has that at the moment. I do have plans to make an option for content rating and threaded discussion (for comments) for the main Html Content feature. I don't have an estimate on when that will be implemented hopefully in the next few months.

You could put a forum on the same page but that might be overkill. Another option (for immediate use) is to link to google groups, like Miguel did for his blog.

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