theme/skin on new install / quickstart video

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Post here for help with installation of mojoPortal pre-compiled release packages

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You may also want to review the installation or upgrading documentation.

If you have questions about using the source code or working with mojoPortal in Visual Studio, please post in the Developer forum.

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5/17/2010 2:58:32 PM
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theme/skin on new install / quickstart video

I got my first installation up!

Everything seems to work, and I am digging into the documentation.

I see entirely unformatted text. Like no CSS or images. No skin applied.

That's fine, but I watched the Quickstart video and that site had a skin/theme applied (like a default one?) at first login. Even as it was showing how to log in, and change the administrator's username and password.

I am highly fearful that my FTP of the files may have missed a few or possibly many of the files. It had to be restarted many times. I found at least 1 missing file earlier.

[1] Is there a way to verify that all files are there after running Setup?

[2] Any way to refresh the list of files? Recopy/reupload? Possibly even re-run Setup?

[3] Should some default skin be applied when I log in for the very first time?

[4] I looked in the wwwroot/Data/Skins and there are tons of skins. Looking in the wwwroot/Data/Sites/1/skins ... not so many. As if possibly only the ones that start with the letter "a" were copied. All subfolders are andreasviklund or artisteer. Is that right?




5/17/2010 3:25:33 PM
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Re: theme/skin on new install / quickstart video

yes, copy all the files from /Data/skins to /Data/Sites/1/skins should solve it

sometimes during installation it can fail to copy all the skin files due to timeouts etc

there is an item about this on the FAQ page

it is also true you can have ftp transfer errors that prevent all the files from getting uploaded, it is safe to upload again except for any files you modified you don't want to overwrite again.  Joe recommends FileZilla ftp client and I agree, it is good because it reports transfer errors and allows you to retry on any files that failed to upload. it is safe to visit the setup page at any time.


5/17/2010 4:29:55 PM
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got it!

Thanks for the link to the FAQ, Steve! 

Re-copying all of the template folders definitely got me a default template working.

6/17/2010 6:56:31 AM
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Re: theme/skin on new install

I have this same problem.  I read all the instructions, about copying the skins dir into sites/1/skins, and putting in a space in the web.config file and saving it, and after I did that, the site wouldn't work at all.  So I deleted it, thinking that DNS-propagation and instant-alias from my host were screwing up the works.  Well, now I've reinstalled it, and I have the exact same problem, even though my nameservers are now resolved and I don't have to use the instant-alias anymore.  But when I look at the web.config, I'm not really surprised that re-saving it didn't work -- the thing is basically blank -- the connection string is just default, none of my actual connection info is shown there -- how can that be, when the site is running?  Where is it getting the connection info from?  Where is the actual db and connection info actually stored?

This is important to me, because I am a TOTAL ASP.NET-noob, connection strings wig me out completely, and I'd really like to see how the site has actually written that info which I entered when I installed the program (using the Microsoft Web App Gallery installer).

Needless to say, I'd also really like to have some kind of theme or template or skin, instead of plain unformatted text.


I've installed MojoPortal v2.3.4.3; when I look at the tab in "myLittleAdmin" that says "server info" it shows this:


Version             10.0.2531.0

Product level    SP1

Edition             Enterprise Edition (64-bit)

Resource version  10.00.2531

Resource last update time  Mar 29 2009 12:30PM

CLR version     v2.0.50727

Language         English (United States)

Platform           NT x64


I have no real idea what any of it means.  I know the thing is MS server hosting; ASP.NET 2.x, or 3.5; I can't keep straight if it's supposed to be called 2.whatever or 3.5 or what either figure signifies.  It's a MS SQL 2008 database.

I sure hope you can help me; from the stuff on this website, I had thought this CMS might be easier for a to deal with than DNN, but if I can't even get a theme/skin to display, then I guess it really isn't.  I posted this in reply to another thread on this same subject, but the thread was from 2008 so I wanted to make sure this got seen by someone.  The apparently-usual ways to fix this problem aren't working for me, and I have no idea what to try next.

What's weird is that the skin I choose will appear * in the admin setup portion of the screen, with a border around it * -- but the whole rest of the page is still unformatted text, including the menu at the top, so it appears to be a skinned "div" plopped down into the midst of a plain text web page.  I'm utterly stymied.

Because I read of this problem in yet another thread, I will tell you that when I do View Source, the line pertaining to the stylesheet looks like this:

<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href=';s=1&amp;v=' />

only, styleshout-refresh isn't the skin I've chosen -- but as I said, if I try re-saving the web.config, it will leave the site completely dead -- tried this already, but the web.config doesn't appear to have any of my actual connection info in it (don't know where it is instead!), so when I re-save that web.config, it's apparently trying to use the default, erroneous info it contains -- instead of the real connection info, which it IS apparently using now, since the site is running -- but again, I don't know where that connection info is really located, since it's not in either web.config or user.config -- both appear in the default, pre-install condition.



6/17/2010 7:04:00 AM
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Re: theme/skin on new install / quickstart video

Hi Andria,

I already answered you on this thread

Hope it helps,


6/17/2010 7:11:48 AM
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Re: theme/skin on new install / quickstart video

Hi Andria,

I'm looking at your site now.

Whenever there is an error loading the assigned skin it falls back to a known skin otherwise the site would just not work at all. 

Can you tell me the name of the skin you are using? Is it a custom skin or one of the included ones?

Right now it throws an error form the css handler. If you login to your site, then look for the administration link at the bottom, click it and go to site settings and see what skin is selected and try selecting a different one and save.

Also you can find out the error detail for me by going to administration then system log, and look for the errors at the bottom of the log as those are the new ones, there will be lots of junnk errors at the top that always happen on a new installation until the setup runs there ar eno tables so it logs a bunch of errors about that.

You could also download the log file from /Data/currentlog.config using ftp

Hope it helps,


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