Searching (using mono) and feature adding

mojoPortal is no longer supported on mono. This forum is here for archival purposes.

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4/22/2010 10:53:22 AM
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Searching (using mono) and feature adding

Hi Joe, hi all,

Thank you Joe for all the time you spent to get it working with mono. That works really well.

I've set up some little web sites on my dedicated OpenSuse server for some customers (almost 10 for now).

This is the little things what are causing trouble :

  • Searching

You can try. I've already tried to rebuild the index using the button, and to change some values in web.config, with no success : html code appears in the textbox and index building seems to never terminate. The log file say the indexing started, but it nevers said "terminated". I don't know if there is a link, but sometimes I found a mono process using all the processor, and never ending too. Any idea ?

  • 404 error with feature management on a page

It appends on adding, moving, and deleting feature. I think this 404 appears when it tries to reload the page in order to refresh the features list.

Apache say that the page is "[the id]", but if I copy/paste it in the adress bar then replace the %3f by the corresponding "?", I can access the page with no pb.

If someone can help, thanks.


4/22/2010 12:17:57 PM
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Re: Searching (using mono) and feature adding


These sound like Mono bugs to me, it is issues like this that prevent me from recommending hosting any important production sites on Mono. I would not want to have 10 customer sites running on Mono myself because there are always some issues like this that I cannot solve because they are not issues in mojoPortal code. It can be reported to the Mono team but unless it is possible to come up with a simple test case that proves the issue (which is usually not easy to do) or at least easy repeatable steps they can use to produce the issue with mojoPortal then it is hard to get things fixed and in the best case you have to wait for the next release of Mono for the fix. And then the next release of Mono usually has some new issues or regressions along with the fixed things. It can be very stressful and difficult to provide customer satisfaction having important sites running under these circumstances.



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