Most Popular Recipes

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4/8/2010 1:18:03 PM
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Most Popular Recipes

Hi All,

Is there any way I can view which of my recipes have been rated and sort them in order of rating?  I would like to be able to also provide users with a favorite recipes link for the top rated recipes.  Thanks!



4/8/2010 4:06:15 PM
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Re: Most Popular Recipes

Let me see if I understand your site. It looks like you created one page per recipe. Each page contains one content instance and you allow ratings for that content.

So, you would like to have a page to 1) list recipes that have been rated in descending order 2) select and list top X recipes.

I do not know all of the features of the mojoPortal, but I am not aware of a module that does what you are asking. I will let others chime in to see if there is something I am missing. If not, we have written numerous modules for the mojoPortal and I am certain we could provide a custom solution for your needs.

We would be working with the data in the table mp_ContentRating.


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