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2/28/2010 4:03:10 AM
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I am a Russian programmer

About the Content Editor

Hi, Joe

In your blog entries on a version of mojoPortal, I read that you propose to remove FCKeditor installation of the system. I think that is a bad idea. Yesterday I had a situation. We had to export in the form of a document from Word, which contained several tables. And most closely with the operation handled FCKeditor. TinyMCE and CKeditor transferred text from Word is not correct.

And more. Why I publish this post in the topic Feature Requests. Now the type of editor is specified in the configuration of the site. But the editor uses the same people. And everyone can have their own preferences. Just as you wrote that prefer CKeditor. I prefer TinyMCE. This means that we will never be with you not be able to edit the same site. So I think that the editor should not bind to the site, but to the user. And accordingly in the form ManageUsers.aspx to enable the user to select your favorite editor.

Sincerely, Alexander

4/16/2010 10:08:02 AM
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Re: About the Content Editor

Hi Joe,

This is something I have given quite a bit of thought. I think it would be quite useful to allow the SiteAdmin to select whether or not users can choose their favorite editor. Maybe even have an option where the SiteAdmin can select the editors they want to have available to the user. I think this can be a web.config setting as I don't see it posing issues for people with multiple sites. I have quite a few customers who have multiple people editing their sites and usually they all favor a different editor. Myself, I still can't decide which editor I like the most and often times find myself going to source view anyway.

Just my 2¢.

Joe D.

4/16/2010 10:45:58 AM
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Re: About the Content Editor

Hi Joe,

I've actually already done most of the work for this just did not finish it in time for the current release. You can expect to see it in the next release. There will be a Site Setting "Allow Users To Choose Editor" and if set to true users will have a choice in the user profile, similar to the way user specific skins are implemented.



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