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1/25/2010 3:04:00 AM
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using blog


I have used a blog module on a site. I have some questions:

1- When I click on post link to view full text of post , there isn't any link to main page of blog and users can't back to blog page, how can I set a link to blog page on posts?


2- when I post several Items in a day , the next and prev link (on post page)doesnt work correctly and just one post per day shows to user,

there is a sample :تور-کیش.aspx

I post 11 items in 2 days, but when I open a post by using next , prev link just 2 post shows. how can I manage this issue?




1/25/2010 7:37:52 AM
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Re: using blog

Hi Mehdi,

1. You can still see the menu item for the blog page so the user can click that. Also you could enable breadcrumbs on the page.

2. I think this is a limitation to the solution that Asad Samarian implemented to try to support Persian Dates in the blog. If it detects the culture then it uses different stored procedures that adjust the dates to the Persian calendar but apparently it does not solve all issues. Persian calendar is not well supported by the .NET framework unfortunately.



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