Workflow functionality

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1/21/2010 8:04:35 PM
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Workflow functionality

Hey Joe,

Let me first say the workflow functionality is awesome. The permission framework also very thorough and flexible and I don't think I would ask to complicate it any further. So this is going to be more questions than suggestions, but here's the workflow use case I'm being asked about: The marketing supervisor would be in the Content Administrator role and would like to appoint a few Content Publishers with several Content Authors assigned to each. It appears the Content Administrator and Publishers have about the right capabilities currently, but the desire would be for Content Authors to only be able to edit in draft mode, but be able to create draft pages and add features and shared content to those pages. This would allow the Content Authors to do everything needed to create a new page without the ability to make any unapproved content live (we're mainly talking HTML features here.) Admins and Publishers would not have to first create pages and add features to hand over to the Authors to provide content. (The ability to add shared content from the Add Content page is something we were just discussing on another thread)

I think 90 percent of this capability is already there, though there are a few points I'm not certain of. The Content Administrator role I believe cannot be deleted and has some hard coded features specific to that role. Is that also the case with the Content Publisher and Author roles, or can any new roles be added and given the same permissions as those?

Is it just the Publisher role that gets email notification of content approval requests, and is that role therefore a fixed role? Or can other publishers be configured? And if so, would it be overly complex to be able to map Publishers to Authors assigned to them so that email notifications are directed to a certain user and Publishers could be allowed to approve content only from their assigned Authors? (I'm not entirely certain how the emails are routed at the moment)

This may sound like a big mess, but I'm rather feeling like it wouldn't take that much to be able to do all this from what you already have built. Well, that is in the case you think there is any merit to any of this to begin with. But I also think that just this little bit more heirarchy and separation of tasks would allow this excellent workflow system you've developed to easily scale up to accommodate much larger groups of content providers (and plenty enough to keep my people happy.)

If nothing else, just a little more clarification would be helpful with the existing roles, which are fixed and can't be duplicated, which are configured only with the existing permissions in the security tabs, and how does the email get routed?

Many thanks again,


1/25/2010 10:48:14 AM
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Re: Workflow functionality

You can create as many roles as you like.

Roles with edit permissions on a page are equivalent to publishers on that page. Anyone in roles with edit permissions will get the workflow notifications.

Roles with draft edit permissions are authors and can submit.

Content Administrator role is special, a user in this role can edit any content anywhere in the site.

So you could create a section of the site for marketing and create a marketing publishers role which has edit permissions on all pages in that section. Then you could create a marketing authors role and give that role draft edit permissions.

Now marketing authors can edit drafts and submit to marketing publishers.

The included roles "Content Authors" and "Content Publishers" are not special, they are just for illustrative purposes, you can delete those roles and make your own. There are only a few special roles and the special roles cannot be deleted.

Hope it helps,


1/26/2010 12:23:40 AM
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Re: Workflow functionality

Thanks again. This really clears up a lot.

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