Training documentation

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1/20/2010 8:37:01 PM
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Training documentation

This is an idea that could be a paid feature instead of free.

Creating a comprehensive set of end user (author/editor) documentation and training videos. This would be more aimed at non-technical web clients who would be editing their web sites (not as much for admin type of tasks). Simple tutorials like creating pages and placing modules, upload files, creating links and simple things like that. Heck, it could be a whole library of Flash videos that are nothing more 30 second how-to clips on very specific tasks.

I do a lot of training people on using Mojo but don't have any documentation myself, and some people really need hand holding.

The key for me is that the training materials would need to be Mojo-free.... in other words, rebrandable and generic if that makes sense (for resellers). I bet a lot of web companies using Mojo would love this as well and that's why I think it could be a paid for option. OR, create a set of content with a mojo watermark/braning or pay and get the rebrandable content. Ideally I could purchase the batch of Flash videos and then repost them on my company web site for my clients to refer to.

DNN charges for their manuals and training material and there are a lot of DNN training sites that charge for that as well. I actually work for a company as that purchased the DNN support and training documentation recently (it wasn't cheap).


So, just an idea I'm throwing out there. It could also be an financial opportunity for someone else with time (besides Joe) to consider doing. If you created a Mojo training material site maybe you could work something out with Joe like DNN did with Snowcovered? Creating how-to videos could be made by anyone. Just keep in mind the part about some clients needing to rebrand in order to make available to their clients.

1/21/2010 9:44:06 AM
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Re: Training documentation

Hi Eric,


I am currently working on this very thing. It is a great idea and I think it will be a good value-add for the community. 

If you want, give me shout by email (joe at i7media dot net) so we can discuss it.

Joe D.

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