Re-organized Css files

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1/11/2010 3:57:15 PM
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Re-organized Css files

I have two sites in related mode so I re-organize the css files. I moved the skin file just under the /data/ directories, so my two sites can easily share some common skin files. It works fine. However, some files, such as IESpecific.css or IE7Specific.css, were still tried to be loaded from the original directory. Is there a easy way to solve this? Thanks.

1/13/2010 6:26:42 AM
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Re: Re-organized Css files

No, some files must still exist directly in the skin folder. These IE specific files must exist in the skin folder because they are added to the page by IE comment syntax not by our CSS combiner.

I mean you could remove the IEStyleIncludes control from your layout.master and add the links inside IE comments manually and make them point wherever you like but the convenient control expects them in the skin folder.



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