Password decryption

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12/12/2009 12:04:29 AM
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Password decryption

Hello Joe,

I forgot my password and the password recovery doesn't send it because was not properly configured the send mail.

The site was set to store passwords "Encrypted in db".  How can I decrypt the pass? Which is the decryption algorithm? In what table in db are stored the passwords?

Thanks in advanced.  I really appreciated your work.


12/12/2009 1:55:13 AM
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Re: Password decryption


I think you can register as a new user then go to mp_Users table and find UserId then go to mp_UserRoles table and set the RoleId column to 1 .

So if log out and login again the new user is in admin role and you can change the password of your admin user.

Hope Helps,


12/12/2009 11:59:09 AM
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Re: Password decryption

If you configure your email correctly and make sure you have a valid email on your user in mp_Users, you can then use password recovery to get your password as it will decrypt it and send it to you.

Alternatively, if it is a new site and your user is the only user, if you manually change to clear text passwords by setting password format in mp_Sites to 0, then manually edit a new plain text password in the mp_Users, then recycle the app by touching Web.config you should be able to login and later you can change back to encrypted format.

Hope it helps,


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