going pink!

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11/15/2009 7:38:39 PM
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going pink!

I need someone to share the magic secret with me.

I have gone into every css page, the theme page etc and where ever their was a color code, I made sure i pt in #FFOOFF.

At best , I have been able to change the title and welcome txt to pink, but the rest of the skin/theme ( i don't understand the difference) stays orange. I am using the styleshout-citus island theme.

I am the Orange Fashionista untill I fix this. I have a gut feeling I am getting fired this week.


11/16/2009 9:48:16 AM
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Re: going pink!

Hi Jenna,

Are you trying to change the background color of your site or the text colors?

While modifying your skin, it helps to disable server and browser caching so you can see your changes immediately. To disable the caching, add the following to your user.config file between the <appSettings></appSettings> tags. After adding the lines to the user.config, open the web.config, add a space to the bottom and save it.

<add key="CacheCssOnServer" value="false" />
<add key="CacheCssInBrowser" value="false" />


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