Addnew Survey problem

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12/29/2009 2:11:43 PM
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Re: Addnew Survey problem

Heyyyy, yeah, i m happy, i tried and I create now, succesfull :)... ( I Understand what is My fault.  I have not do it "1.Create a page where you want to put a survey" )...


Thankyou for help me,




2/6/2010 9:16:15 PM
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Re: Addnew Survey problem

Joe, for some odd reason, I'm having the same problem. 

Facts:  I had a survey on a page, then went to content manager and removed it from the page.
Now when I attempt to add a new survey, I go through the process of adding one (and the db is updated - mysql), but the selection grid for 'select a survey' doesn't show any surveys, even though they exist in the db (on the page surveyedit.aspx).

So, I can't add questions, etc. like I did on the first working survey (those questions and answers are still in the db as well). 

Any idea on how to fix?  Updating to didn't fix the issue.

I do get a red warning message "This feature was not designed for publishing on multiple pages.  You should not edit this feature from Content Manager, you should only edit this feature from the page it is published on."    Hmmm.  Kindof addresses the issue, but unfortunately, I've already added the survey via content manager and now can't add any survey questions.  I'd like to be able to create a survey beforehand through content manager, check the questions, etc. before I decide which page to place it on.  The restriction of having the survey only appear on one page is fine, but it would seem that content manager should be able to handle that business rule.

In the mp_surveypages, I see two entries with the same surveyguid 8f08faa3-b010-43cd-9a01-110669a241da and different pageguid 4649d7e3-834a-4050-bd18-2abbf749d643, e3e02e3d-6c75-4590-bcc7-711f8021ee89 -- both show enabled.
in mp_surveyquestions, I see three entries, two with the same pageguid 4649d7e3-834a-4050-bd18-2abbf749d643
in mp_surveys, there are two entries, one with surveyguid 8f08faa3-b010-43cd-9a01-110669a241da, the other with cf64703f-0ca7-4cf6-8acd-0b7166640af4
in mp_pages, neither of the pageguids exist (the pages were deleted some time ago when I was done with the surveys)

So, is there some way to fix this out of balance condition?

FOUND SOLUTION (haphazardly, but happily): I took your suggestion to try to duplicate the issue using  I couldn't.  But what I decided to do was to return to my site and assign all of the surveys in content manager to a page.  After doing that, I returned to the page, hit the 'select survey' link and now the gridview shows all the surveys again.  So, my mojoportal is working as expected again -- I can select which survey to activate, add surveypages and questions to the new surveys, etc.  It I can figure out how this happened in the first place and can replicate the actions on, I'll let you know so that sequence can be protected against using code.

2/8/2010 7:24:46 AM
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Re: Addnew Survey problem


Glad you were able to get it working. If you'd like an easier to use Survey feature you might consider my Form Wizard Pro product which makes it very easy to make surveys or custom forms.



2/23/2010 2:52:31 AM
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Re: Addnew Survey problem

Hi Vokan

I 'm facing the same problem, Make Active button is notworking in IE 7, but i works on Mozilla.

I am inserting the Surbey in Homepage and  have done all the setting.
My Mojoportal Ver:2.3.19 MS SQL

Please advice me where to change the code




2/23/2010 10:15:45 AM
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Re: Addnew Survey problem


Joe Audette gave information about the solution...


  Solition 1 ;

  Hi Volkan,

I suspect the problem is this feature is not really designed for working in the context of Content Manager, it needs to be used in the context of a a specific page.

Steps that will work.

1.Create a page where you want to put a survey
2.Go to "Edit This Page"
3.Choose Survey from the dropdown and choose a name for the feature instance and click the button to add it to the page.
4.view the page "Choose Survey"
6.proceed as you expect it should work
Hope it helps,


  MUST Create new page for survey... ("1.Create a page where you want to put a survey")


 Solition 2;


  So sory but, I do not have any other information from these solutions I (1 and 2) ...

my problem with my first solution was solved by joe on 12/29/2009




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