Building a landing page?

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10/25/2009 11:58:23 AM
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Building a landing page?

Hi Joe,

I am thinking to build a landing page for a site. After a quick look of the features mojoPortal had, I am thinking a twist of Blog feature probably would do it.

Basically, on the landing page, I will need a list of child pages displaying child page title, and a certain length of the content, which is similar to the blog page displaying all the posts with Excerpt enabled. In addition, when you click on the "read more", it will link to the child page. However, I found the posts in the blog feature would not be included in the menus. Is there a easy way to include the post pages to the menus? Or there is a totally different way to build a landing page with mojoPortal?

I tried to set the page to "Show Child Pages Site Map", but it only displays the title of the child pages and won't satisfy the requests.

Thanks for your help!


10/26/2009 2:20:41 PM
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Re: Building a landing page?

If you can't get what you want using the various features, you could always make a page add an Html content instance and manually create the content with links and fragments. It would be a manual process creating the links and excerpts but it would work.

Hope it helps,


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