featureSetting's controlType

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10/20/2009 8:23:09 AM
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featureSetting's controlType

Hi guys,

I need assistance. Is is possible to set the controlType to Dropdown and assign some values to the dropdown?

thanks in advance.



10/20/2009 8:41:02 AM
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Re: featureSetting's controlType

This question would have been better posted in the Developer Forum.

For custom features, ControlType can be TextBox, CheckBox or ISettingControl. For ISettingControl you implement a UserControl.ascx that implements the ISettingControl interface. You also have to put in the path for the UserControl.

So to make a dropdown you would have to implement a UserControl that implements ISettingControl.

If you are working with the mojoPortal source code, you can see an example that implements a dropdown list as ISettingControl in the Web/Controls/GMapTypeSetting.ascx and GMapTypeSetting.ascx.cs

This dropdown can be seen in the settings for a Google Map instance.

Hope it helps,


10/20/2009 9:03:04 AM
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Re: featureSetting's controlType

Thanks Joe,

That's wot I needed to understand.

*bistoh buys Joe a beer*

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