Question: Moving Blog Data

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10/17/2009 12:21:02 AM
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Question: Moving Blog Data

Is it possible to move data from a blog to another website?

I have 2 sites on my IIS Webserver, I have mojoPortal running on both.  The Blog I have on the first one fits better on the 2nd site.  I don't want to create new entries and copy/paste the content - as that would mess up the dates.

Just curious if this is possible.


10/17/2009 6:40:36 AM
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Re: Question: Moving Blog Data

You could always copy data for your first site database to the second one.

You would have to copy 4 tables

  • mp_blogcategories
  • mp_blogcomments
  • mp_blogitemcategories
  • mp_blogs

and be sure to change the moduleid in mp_blogs to match the moduleid of your blog.

At least this is what I would try to play around with. :)



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