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10/13/2009 5:47:29 PM
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New it Mojo.  I am using the Image Gallery.  I need to allow authenticated user the ability to add images, but not change settings.  I see the HideModuleSettingsGeneralAndSecurityTabsFromNonAdmins but that only works for 2 of the 3 tabs.  How can I do this?


Thanks for your help.




11/5/2009 1:19:04 PM
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/Mats Lillnor

Re: Permissions


I had a similar issue related to the "Simple Folder Gallery" which is fixed now. Most likely the same solution cover the standard gallery as well. Regarding user not having the ability to modify settings, there is a negation-permission that can be applied to a role.

Please see the thread: "Permission to upload files"

and also the thread: "Configure jQuery Cycle plugin"

Especially the last posts in the jQuery Cycle-thread, since it covers the issue that you may have.



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