Uploading Videos

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9/14/2009 1:13:02 PM
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Uploading Videos


Is there any Possiblity for Uploading Video Clips and Playing them On user requests.


Thanx in Advance.

9/14/2009 2:04:29 PM
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Re: Uploading Videos

You can do this using the HTML Content feature. Simple click on the Insert Embedded Media button if you are using TinyMCE. I'm not sure what the button is in FCKEditor but it is definitely possible.

-Joe D.

9/15/2009 7:45:44 AM
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Re: Uploading Videos

Video files are usually large so they consume a lot of disk space and bandwidth in serving them. Unless you have really great hosting I generally recommend uploading videos to YouTube or Facebook, or MySpace and then just add it to your page using the embed code they provide pasted into the html source view in the editor. This way the vidos are shown in your page but the storage and bandwidth to serve them is handled by one of these providers.



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