Favorating feature for forum .

This is a forum to suggest new features for mojoPortal. 

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9/13/2009 12:06:44 PM
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Favorating feature for forum feature.

Hi Joe,

In a huge discussions environment like mojoPortal forums a feature needs to any user can marks favorite threads and follow those on occasion. I see road map and not see any planned improvements for the forum feature.  I look at google's help forms and interested to implement like it in mojoPortal forum. Can I add this feature and send to you as some patchs?



9/13/2009 12:32:01 PM
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Re: Favorating feature for forum .

Hi Asad,

I do have a vision for the long term improvements of our forums even if I have not had time to write about them.

I appreciate your offer but I am too busy with my own agenda and do not have time to coordinate your efforts. If I were making a profit I would be able to spend more time coordinating the efforts of others but I cannot do this right now. I cannot let myself be distracted if I want to succeed at my own plans.

If you send me a patch I will at least look at it but it is very unlikely that I will approve it exactly as you implement it and I do not have time to go back and forth with you on changes to make it acceptable to me. 



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