dcarter-businessone - inserting a logo

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9/8/2009 6:11:30 PM
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Kevin Tunis

dcarter-businessone - inserting a logo

Can anyone tell me how to adjust the height in the dcarter-businessone theme. I have looked at the styleloyout.css and changed " #wrapheader { height: 87px; } but there was no noticeable change. Once I figure out how to change the header height and color I will than start on the logo.

9/9/2009 6:31:24 AM
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Re: dcarter-businessone - inserting a logo

Hi Kevin,

Sounds like the right way to change the height of the header to me. First make sure you are editing the verions of that skin in the /Data/Sites/1/skins folder.

Also you should set these to false in Web.config while working on the design, otherwise caching at the server and browser make it difficult to see your changes.

<add key="CacheCssOnServer" value="false" />

<add key="CacheCssInBrowser" value="false" />

otherwise you may need to clear your browser cache as well to see your changes.

The colors will be found in stylecolors.css.

I've actually re-organised the css for the next release as discussed on this thread.

Hope it helps,


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