update spanish localization

This is a place to discuss how to adapt mojoPortal to the needs of different cultures. Before asking questions here please first review the localization documentation.

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9/7/2009 9:29:25 AM
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update spanish localization


I see several typo mistakes made during spanish translation.

I found too some inconsistencies between default .resx files and spanish .resx files  (Spanish from Spain files I mean). I assume there has been modifications in the default files that has not been translated yet.

There are too some ".resx" files that don't have spanish translation at all.

So Im updating the  ".es .resx" files and creating new ones where needed.

When I finish I will send a zip with all of them to joe audette .

But Id like to know if I must translate too the "SiteOffice.UI" namespace files. I think I have read in some place Joe Audette is not working on the SiteOffice projects anymore.


Matias Molleja


9/7/2009 10:11:23 AM
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Re: update spanish localization


That will be great if you send the updates. I wouldnot bother with the SiteOffice stuff as its on hold and when I do get abck to it, it may change a lot anyway.



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