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9/6/2009 2:38:51 AM
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I have swedish in my mojo portal so hope i can guide for my problem in the menues.

If i click the key icon and then goes to sitesettings on top there i can create new sites.

I did this but how do I reach that page?

Hope u understand what i mean.

9/8/2009 4:58:43 PM
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Re: Sitesettings

On the Site Settings page at the top right position there is a combobox where you can select the site you want to manage.  The first item in the combox is called "New site" (or the Swedish equivalent). Just select "New site" and then all the controls on the page are initialized and you can enter settings for the new site. BTW I think this is one the least intuitive part of the mojoPortal admin UI.

I think Javascript must enabled in the browser for this to work. Also I think the mojoPortal must be configured in web.config for multisite installation.

9/9/2009 6:12:29 AM
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Re: Sitesettings

Hi Matz,

I think you got the part about creating te site. How you access it depends on whether you are using host name based sites or folder based sites.

If using folder sites your first site must be a root level site like or http://localhost/

Then after you create a new site you specify a folder name so if you make it folder1 for example, then you would access the new site at or http://localhost/folder1/Default.aspx

For host name based sites you must have a fixed ip address and you map all the host names you want to use to that ip address. After creating the site you see the host names tab in site settings, add the host name there.If using localhost on your local machine you can enter host names in the hosts file on your machine as specified at the bottom of this page.

Hope it helps,


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