What do you like best about mojoPortal?

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9/2/2009 1:42:15 PM
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What do you like best about mojoPortal?

I wrote an email to CMSWire this morning trying to spread the word about mojoPortal. They outline systems like DNN, Movable Type, Plone, and SilverStripe but they don't say much about mojoPortal!

Any way, in my email I included a few things that make me a big mojoPortal fan. Take a look at the list and let everyone know what you like best about mojoPortal.

  • Multi-site installation allows you to host multiple sites with one installation of mojoPortal.
  • Automatic resizing of images upon upload from within the TinyMCE and FCKeditor WYSIWYGs. This feature is new as of and it allows users to upload images for use in content and the image will be resized to a maximum height and width which can be set by the user in the same dialog as the upload. The feature can also be turned off for a single upload or for all uploads (requires an admin).
  • Content and Content Style Templates are built-in to both TinyMCE and FCKeditor. A site admin can create custom templates and they will be accessible to site authors and publishers. This feature saves my customers a lot of time because they have specific layouts for certain types of articles, all they have to do is select a template and add their content.
  • VERY active forums where questions are answered and no body gets flamed for asking a question, even if the answer is in the documentation.
  • Website Chat using Windows Live Messenger enables users to communicate with company staff for support or sales questions.
  • Search features galore! mojoPortal's search functionality is very nice. The site search engine indexes all content on the site, regardless of which feature the content resides. Many other CMSs have separate a search for the forum, blog, site content, etc... The search engine also allows the user search by feature so if a user only wants to search the forum, all they have to do is select forum from a drop down menu.
  • Core Features are core features. Joe Audette, the founder of mojoPortal, offers a few enhanced modules for sale through his company Source Tree Solutions. What Joe doesn't do is make core enhancements to the core and package them as licensed products. Some CMS projects have started doing this and it is not truly open source.
  • Skinning in mojoPortal is very simple and can be learned by any web developer in just a matter of a few hours. I have attempted to create skins for DNN, Joomla, and others but I have never achieved the level of success that I have with mojo!

So, what do you like best about mojoPortal?

9/2/2009 1:49:31 PM
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Re: What do you like best about mojoPortal?

Hey Joe,

Many thanks for helping to spread the word about mojoPortal! We don't have the advertising budget of some of the better known projects so its a huge help when our community members are out there actively promoting mojoPortal both at the grass roots level and among the pundit sites.

Can't thank you enough!



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