Moving Pages under Add/Edit Page

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8/31/2009 6:19:16 PM
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Moving Pages under Add/Edit Page

Hi, Joe and everyone,

I have 4 web-sites that use mojo-portal. When I add pages to my BluegrassMessengers site there are sometimes 300 pages under the parent page. If I add a new page and want to move it to the top of that list I'll need to click possibly 300 times in the add/edit page.

You can see the problem when looking at my site above. How do I move new pages around without having to click the page up or down one page at a time?


9/1/2009 6:31:49 AM
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Re: Moving Pages under Add/Edit Page

Hi Richie,

I understand the issue you are facing. You have a lot of pages and are using the cms almost like a catalog so you want the pages to sort alphabetically.

Currently this is not possible. I will ponder a solution but what if pages were all alphabetical, then your home page would not be the first page either. Pages basically go where you put them, if you created them in alphabetical order they would naturally land in the right order.

I admit the mechanism for moving them is cumbersome requiring multiple clicks but it works. I would love to have a drag and drop interface there to allow you to drag sort the list and even drag drop to move a page to a different parent. At some point I will try to implement something like that, but even that solution does not really scale well if you have thousands or tens of thousands of pages.



9/1/2009 1:45:21 PM
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Re: Moving Pages under Add/Edit Page


This post is a "my gears are turning" kind of idea that you can put in the back of your brain until you get time to improve the page management in mojo.

You could have two views for the page management, the first being nearly identical to what is currently in use. The only thing that is sorely needed for sites with just a dozen or so pages is the ability to select multiple pages and move them at once and/or drag-and-drop. The second view can be turned on by those who need to be able to handle hundreds or thousands of pages (or those who just like the view). This view would be kind of like a layered Site Map, it would display all pages on the site in a hierarchial list. Each page would be a link to a drilled-down view of this Site Map. From the drilled down view, you can change the parent page of the selected page and this would move it and all subsequent pages under the new parent. You could also drill down to the next level and perform the same actions.

Another thought I had was adding a page management tab within the page settings. You could allow the user to change the page positioning for the current page within it's scope of pages (it's siblings under the parent).

Okay, my brain stopped working. Hope my ideas spark a solution. :-) I can draw a mockup of the Site Map approach if you like.


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