Skin does not work with Firefox

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8/11/2009 3:36:54 PM
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/Mats Lillnor

Skin does not work with Firefox

Hi all, my first post here.

First, What a great CMS mojoportal is! I love it. Have in my job worked some with Sharepoint. Have tried a little with Joomla! and DNN with no luck, but now found mojoportal and it just works, and works great. Easy to set up, wonderful system to build and maintain websites with, have all the features I need. Fits like a glove, I love it! (Of course, you all know this, but I am so excited.)

Now, my problem:
I have built the website for the karate club I am engaged in,
I had very little experience with CSS stylesheets etc. before, so I have been doing some trial and error in order to modify the skin. I made backup copies of layout.master and the .css-files before changing. Made som changes and tested so it works and then created new backups and changed some more and so on. Finally everything looks like I want. All the time I have been using Internet Explorer 8.

Then I thought that i should check how it looks with other browsers.
Tried Google Chrome - everything looks just fine.
Tried firefox - Looks like crap. THE WHOLE SITE IS MESSED UP!

With Firefox no design at all shows up, just like if no stylesheets are loaded at all.

When changing skin to the one i started with (styleshout-techmania), it looks fine in Firefox as well.
Since all backups of the CSS have been owerwritten, i really cant go back a few steps and start over. It is the same with the next to last version.

Please, can anyone point me in the right direction to what change that might have caused this. I have no clue, guess I must start all over again with a new skin and check in all browsers for each mod I make.


/Mats Lillnor

8/11/2009 3:46:30 PM
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Re: Skin does not work with Firefox


See, the problem is you designed using IE which is the least standards complaint browser so you end up with IE specific stuff in the main css that breaks more standards compliant browsers like Firefox.

I (and many others) recommend design first in Firefox because it is the most standards compliant then you can fix IE using IE specific stylesheets that don't affect other browsers.

I don't know a way to fix it going the other way because its hard to know what parts of your css are really IE specific.

Hope it helps,


8/14/2009 4:27:57 AM
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/Mats Lillnor

Re: Skin does not work with Firefox


I solved the problem. Had placed some remarks (<!-- xxx -->) inside layout.Master, which appearantly wasn't liked by Firefox for some reason. After removing these, everything works fine.

I will follow your advice in the future regarding "development browser".



/Mats Lillnor

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