Upgrade to file sharing module

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7/31/2009 8:00:02 AM
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Upgrade to file sharing module

Hey Joe (and all) -

Recently my users have started having issues with how we've been workflowing shared files.  I've set up our site (using as an intranet) so that each page has a corresponding staging page, visible and editable only to the responsible authors.  Unfortunately, because management wants to review all content prior to publishing, all content has to be reviewed and then pushed from the staging to public (using the publish functionality.)  This is fine, except we now have users who want to post new files once a week, and on the horizon is a twice-a-week need. 

I don't want to have to push the file sharing feature back to the staging page whenever they wish to publish a new file.  What I was thinking is, have a content 'replicate' function.  Essentially, just do a copy/paste of the object from the staging page to the public page. Essentially, it would be similar to the 'publish' functionality, except the copy on the public page would not be influenced by changes to the copy on the staging page.

An alternate way to do this would be to have some kind of 'Version-locking,' where you could lock one instance of the feature at a certain point in the history, but allow the 'staging' copy to continue being updated.  Then, when there's a need to show new content, the public version could be updated to show the new version being kept in the history.

Sorry, this is a little long-winded I know.  Would building something like this be very complex?  Or has anyone else run into a workflow issue like this, and have some suggestions about how to approach this?  As it stands, I just have authors sending their files to the content admins via email, and the admins are uploading it after review.  Any ideas are appreciated.  Thanks!

8/11/2009 3:44:30 PM
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Re: Upgrade to file sharing module

Joe -

Upgraded a few days ago to the latest version, and I am already in love with the content workflow functionality.  I know that it's only available for the HTML Content feature, but just wanted to say, this is exactly what I need for the file sharing module.  Is there any kind of a timeline to extend this functionality to other features?  Or, if this is not too high on your priorities, do you have any suggestions regarding trying to duplicate and extend the functionality for my own installation?



8/12/2009 7:07:30 AM
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Re: Upgrade to file sharing module

Hi Kevin,

Its possible to extend it to other features but the existing re-useable parts of the implementation really only supports text content. 

I have no timeline for implementing this in the Shared Files module. If you want to implement it and if I like your implementation I would consider integrating your work back into mojoPortal. The only other option is you could clone the Shared Files feature and then be able to modify your cloned version without impacting the included one, thereby keeping your upgrade path open.



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