recommendations for CRM software

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7/12/2009 4:42:31 PM
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recommendations for CRM software

hi all,

Does anyone have any suggestions for crm software that works well with mojoPortal. I dont need anything to complex. Just something that handles bulk emailing to members once a month, or as required.

I also need need the ability to Email a users personal address book (in the same sort of way facebook does it), which probably isnt part of any CRM software, but I thought I would mention it in case it is in in one of them.


7/15/2009 3:32:38 PM
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Re: recommendations for CRM software

I just started using Mojo, and I'm not sure of the whole "works well" with mojo aspect, but I recently started using SplendidCRM and it's pretty slick from what I've seen. I believe that the free version may even be sufficiant for what you said you needed (but not sure about the personal address book aspect). If you take a look, let me know what you think. I'm not in sales at all, so I don't know a good CRM from a bad one.

Good luck!

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