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7/2/2009 9:06:43 AM
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Newsletter Archive

It would be nice if when I sent out a newsletter email using one of the templates, it would get converted to a PDF and placed in an archive so the site visitors could download and read the past newsletters. Is it possible to convert an email to a pdf through code?


PS....I LOVE the new skin preview functionality!

7/2/2009 1:37:42 PM
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Re: Newsletter Archive

I do plan to have an option where users can read past editions on the site. I consider the Newsletter an unfinished feature because it does not yet have this. My plan is to show the archives as html though not PDF. I do not know of any free or commercial software that can convert html to pdf and make it look as it should in a browser. I do beleive there are some free libraries that can be used to produce pdf files from text content but I don't know about converting it with style and markup. I also do not know how soon I will get to implementing the archive feature, but it is on my list.



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