Shopping cart and store functionality

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6/27/2009 9:06:28 AM
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Gerry Roston gerry (at) pairofdocs (dot) net

Shopping cart and store functionality


I am thinking about using the WebStore functionality and started toying with it this morning. I was able to configure a product and offer and have it appear on the site. However, I was unable to see the check out screen. Must a payment system be set up first to see this? Is there some way to set up a fake payment system so that the entire process flow can be experimented with? For instance, it is not clear if a person without login credentials to the site can purchase an item - I have no idea what the check out process looks like.

Regarding products - is there an easy way to require that a 'password' be entered to allow the placing of an item in a cart? The site on which I am working supports an annual event. I would like to configure the store such that our sponsors can register (for free) and that all others pay. Obviously, the only way to keep everyone from registering as a sponsor is to limit access to the sponsor registration product.

6/27/2009 10:25:50 AM
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Re: Shopping cart and store functionality

Hi Gerry,

There is no fake checkout process, you must enable commerce to test it or you can test it on or

It is possible for users to checkout without registering or signing in if the product is of fulfillmenttype none, if the cart has any download products then the user is required to sign in or register. So for example people can buy me a beer without registering if they want to. If the order comes back and matches an existing user email address the order will be attached to that user account or if not a user is automatically created using the email address that comes back with the order from PayPal or Google. 

There is nothing to enable products by role within a store, but you could create a private store on a page secured by view roles so that only members of the role can browse or purchase items from that store. You could have a different store instance for other users who are not in the role.

The WebStore should be considered an alpha feature at this point. It can be used and I am using it as are some others but its not a finished feature, there is a lot left to do before I will consider it really ready for general ecommerce scenarios.

Hope it helps,


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