Delivery Method: Virtual Machine

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5/12/2009 1:27:06 AM
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Delivery Method: Virtual Machine

Hello to the team,

It would be great if I could have MojoPortal delivered as a virtual machine, running on a free system (Linux/MySQL/Apache) so that I could just put this virtual machine on the server, and everything is ready to go. It would also make the system portable.

I could just run the VMWare player on my server, and connect it to a network card, then I only need to "press play",  no need to install anything, configure anything or touch any settings. Maybe one VM can be the database and there can be multiple VMs to allow the web farm to be VM-based.  It would make setting up and deploying/moving the system around super-easy.

Does it make sense...

5/12/2009 5:37:02 AM
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Re: Delivery Method: Virtual Machine

Yes, it makes sense, I have seen this as a huge opportunity for a while now and have started down this path once but I just have too many things to do myself. I'm looking for someone in the community who is interested in doing the work for this. It can be done using SuseStudio but it requires someone with a lot of skills who can setup and configure virtual machines using SuseStudio and who can build packages of mojoportal using the opensuse build service. Ideally someone familiar with Mono and mojoPortal.

Anyone who is interested and feels able to do these things, please contact me.



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