bill mgmt/generation sys

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2/21/2006 7:48:55 AM
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bill mgmt/generation sys

I would like to write a Module for mp that makes it possible to create bills (e.g. based on sold goods on ePay) incl. VAT and other perameters. It should be possble for customers to request theier bill via an URL like For admins it should be possible to show statistics of sold goods an help to generate income tax returns.

Is there a module that I can use as template resp. which module I could use as template for general purpose? It is a pity that I can't work on the 2.1 branch though the XHTML/CSS in this branch code become very nice. Hence I will also try to contribute code to xsp2.
2/21/2006 1:45:34 PM
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Re: bill mgmt/generation sys

Hi Alexander,

I would say the Links module is easy to understand as it is very simple but has both a Module control Links.ascx and an edit page LinksEdit.aspx, Blog and Forums are a little more complex as they have  view pages in addition to an edit page so you may also want to refer to them for examples.

Just keep in mind that the whole module architecture is going to change to WebParts so anything you build now will have to be converted later. It may not be that difficult to convert but then again it may be, I'll let you know after I convert some of the current ones

Anything to help xsp2 along is great!


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