An "articles list" module

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4/22/2009 7:52:21 AM
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An "articles list" module

I need the following feature: an "articles list" module that contains article titles with short preface and "read more" link to the full text for each article. As there can be many articles, only top N must be shown with some "show more" functionality. The articles must be shown in 2 columns.

1. As far as I can see, no standard MojoPortal modules can provide this functionality. Am I right?

2. Can this module be easily produced from one of the existing modules? As far as I remember, in the past the simple Html module had some multi-text functionality.

4/22/2009 8:07:41 AM
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Re: An "articles list" module

Hi Alexander,

I removed it from the Html module because it was poorly implemented. At some point I may make a more advanced html module.

For now the closest thing is the blog. You can display Excerpts in the module control with links to the posts/articles. This is much better than the html multi items feature ever was because articles/posts have a friendly url.

You could also consume the blog feed in the Feed Manager and use excerpts there.

Hope it helps,


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