Factory Automation

If you are using mojoPortal, let us know. We've put a lot of work into this project and it would be gratifying to hear from you. If you are using mojoPortal for a public site, post your URL here and show it off.

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2/16/2006 12:04:41 PM
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Factory Automation

Hi all,

In December 2005 I released a new version of a web-based intranet aplication used in the automation of (parts) of a factory producing aerated concrete. The application is using mojo (menus, roles etc). The customer is very happy with it.

Thanks Joe! Keep up the good work.

2/16/2006 1:57:18 PM
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Re: Factory Automation

Thanks Jan, thats great to hear!

This is one of the uses of mojoPortal I have always envisioned, if you need to build a web app for a business, you can save a lot of time by building on top of mojoPortal instead of starting from scratch for the very reasons you state, navigation, roles, skinning, etc is already there so you can focus right away on the business need instead of having to figure out all those things before you get started.

I plan to do a lot more tutorials to help developers understand how to build on top of mojoportal but I have waited to do that because I knew things would change a lot for 2.0 .NET. Once I am satisfied with the conversion to 2.0 .NET I plan to do much more documentation to help developers get started. I think that even now though, experienced developers will find mojoPortal fairly easy to understand if they review the code. Even beginners I think will find it a lot easier to understand and work with mojoPortal than DotNetNuke, or Community Server for example.


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