Avatars Control issue

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3/26/2009 2:14:56 PM
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Avatars Control issue

Hey Joe -

Odd question about Avatars. I've disabled gravatars, and allowed use of the 'cheesy old avatars,' which I'm replacing with people's headshots.  However, I want to disable the user's capability to change their avatar.  I've read the profile config documentation, and I see the option: onlyAvailableForRoles option, which looks like just what I need (just apply to admins.)  But the avatars control isn't in the mojoProfile.config file, it's only in the web.config.  Is there any way to add the avatar control into the mojoProfile.config file?  Or, if not there, is there a config file to control this?



3/27/2009 8:56:40 AM
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Re: Avatars Control issue

Hi Kevin,

I will create a new setting for the old avatar system so you can make it not editable by the user but only by the admin. Ultimately I'd like to improve it so that users could upload their own avatar and not be able to choose other people's avatar from the list but for now your workaround idea of just let the admin do it is easy enough to implement I will do it now before I forget so it will be in the next version. You are right avatar is not part of the custom profile feature. 



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