Poor performance with MySQL

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3/21/2009 12:45:05 PM
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Poor performance with MySQL

I am trying to phase out my old site and because I don't want to develop a website again I figured I could mojo it. I installed Mojo on a subdomain with MySQL as backend. I would have liked to use SQL Server but that would cost me $45 extra (I only get 1 SQL server db and i have used that up already).

So the problem is I get really poor performance! gosh it takes nearly half a minute to load any given page. My former site as well as the other one I had online (developed by me in asp.net) had very good performance.

So is this a mojo thing or is it because I chose MySQL as backend? I am afraid a visitor will not wait 30+ seconds for the page to load.

Example: http://new.coralys.com/

3/23/2009 4:37:22 AM
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Re: Poor performance with MySQL

Well, I have since moved the trial of Mojo to the root domain (coralys.com). I initially had added an HtmlFragment with Google Ads. For some tragic reason to add to GAds now feeds ads via g.googleads.doubleclick.com which is terribly slow. I had noticed this on all my sites. For that reason I removed the ads and obtained a slightly better performance.

Nevertheless, loading any Mojo portal page takes some 30-45 seconds even though I have configured the pages (Page Settings) as "cacheable". I really don't know what else I can do about it, when I had my custom site it loaded in an instant.

Any other ideas? suggestions? I would like my pages to be served quicker than it currently does.

3/23/2009 7:11:24 AM
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Re: Poor performance with MySQL


When I visit your site it does take a long time for the first view of each page but after clicking around it seems much faster. This is a fairly common issue in ASP.NET because of the JIT compilation that occurs when an application first comes to life (ie on the first request). You can see one thread about it here, or google for "asp.net slow, jit compilation". Yours does seem rather longer than it should but to me that is fairly common at cheaper hosting.

If your site does not get much traffic this problem seems even worse because what happens is if your site goes 20 minutes with no traffic IIS shuts down the application so then you do get another visitor and the JIT has to happen again because the application was previously shut down so the few visitors you get all experience a slow site. In mojoPortal we have an experimental feature that you can try that may help mitigate this a little. If you look in Web.confiig for this setting and change it from false to true.

<add key="UseAppKeepAlive" value="false" />

Then after the first requests when the application wakes up and does its JIT compiling, then a background thread will be launced that will make a page request to the site every 15 minutes in order to make sure there is enough traffic to keep the application awake.

If this problem is at all related to MySql, the only issue I could think of is if it has slow name resolution fromthe web server to the MySql server, which would be a hosting issue. There is nothing intrinsicly slower about MySql. This site, mojoportal.com is running on MySql and it has good performance.

So, in summary I think part of the problem is JIT compilation but there may be hosting factors involved as well.

Hope it helps,


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