webstore stylesheets

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3/10/2009 4:16:11 PM
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webstore stylesheets


I have a bit of a strange request. I am putting a site together where I need a list of products, which can be easily managed. The webstore does the job perfectly except the products are not the sort of thing you would or can buy over the internet (complex legal transactions). So, what I need to do is remove the cart link in the webstore so that the products cannot be added to the cart and go to checkout etc.

I figure the easiest way to do this is using styles to make the links too small to select etc. However I could not see how to get into the stylesheets for the webstore. can you help?



3/11/2009 8:24:59 AM
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Re: webstore stylesheets


Each skin has a stylewebstore.css, though it doesn't really matter which files the css goes in, they are separate only for organization purposes but are all combined into 1 at runtime.

The main cart link in the store could be hidden I think with:

.cartlink { display: none; }

The add to cart links on the product list and product detalpage could be hidden with:

.offercontainer { display: none; }

Note that when you make a change to the css files, you need to clear the server cache by touching Web.config to recycle the app, and clear your browser cache, see more info here.

Hope it helps,



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