PageMenu Not Rendering

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2/11/2009 11:08:33 AM
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PageMenu Not Rendering

Hi, I'm trying to modify my skin and add a PageMenu.

Originally I was using the SiteMenu with the items set to vertical in a left hand column.  Now I want to add the first level nav items along the top, and everything else (sub items) in a menu in the left hand column.

I've added:

<portal:SiteMenu id="SiteMenu1" runat="server" UseTreeView="false" HideMenuOnSiteMap="false" Direction="Horizontal" TopLevelOnly="true"></portal:SiteMenu>

in the top div and it works well.

However I've added:

<portal:PageMenu id="PageMenu1" runat="server" UseTreeView="true" TreeViewShowExpandCollapse="true" />

to the left column div and nothing is being rendered.

I've sub pages that should be showing up, but nothing is.  When I inspect the left column div it is blank.

I've only edited the layout.master page is there something else I need to do?


2/11/2009 11:11:31 AM
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Re: PageMenu Not Rendering

You probably have not added the SiteMapDataSource, each menu is associated with a SiteMapDataSource, if you look at other skins that use PageMenu you shoud be able to get what you need.

Hope it helps,


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