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2/11/2009 8:05:01 AM
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Display the website

Hi All,


Now i had developed a website with my customized layout and logo.It is fine.

I want to get the website like,when we logged in it should not show adminlinks,editlinks anything.

It should display like  as we are getting this "http://www.mojoportal.com",if we logged in to this site we wont get any options to edit our contents or pages right.


can anyone help me please?


Thankyou in Advance.




2/14/2009 4:43:21 AM
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Re: Display the website

Visibility of edit/admin icons is based on roles. If you are logged in as a user in a role with admin/edit permissions you will see the icons otherwise you will not.

When you visit mojoportal.com and you login you are not in a role with any edit or admin permissions so you don't see any icons, but when I login I do see them because I am in the admins role on mojoportal.com.

Hope it helps,


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