Adding own functionality

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11/28/2005 4:44:30 AM
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Adding own functionality

Hello Joe:

I have to tell you that a few days ago, I started to work to find the best way to use mojoportal in a web app that I have to do. In this app I need to build a database (postgres), and I want to know if that database (tables, store procedures, views, etc...) must be added into mojoportal database or can be live in another different. Do you understand to me?.

By other side: I downloaded mojoportal with postgres and I installed, but when i try to see into my Mozilla FireFox Browser in my opensuse 10.0, with apache2, i have error with VirtualHost, that I am seeing how solve the problem.

Thanks for your time, I will be tunned
11/28/2005 11:46:23 AM
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Re: Adding own functionality

Hi Romulo,

I am building a web-app for a factory automation project I am involved in. I am using SQL Server as the database and Mojo as the portal. In SQL Server I have a mojoportal database and a seperate factory database. I am using  two seperate connection-strings. The web-app runs without a problem. I assume that the same thing could be done using Postgres. Probably you could use two different database-servers aswell.




11/28/2005 1:36:27 PM
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Re: Adding own functionality

Yes, as Jan said it can definitly be another db if you need it to be that way or prefer it that way. If you decide to put your tables in the same db as mojoportal you could also use a different prefix to distinguish your tables from mojoportal tables. All the mojoportal tables and procedures start with mp_ so if you give yours a different prefix it will make it clear which tables are not part of mojoportal.

Hope that helps.
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