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12/7/2008 12:00:56 PM
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Copyright comment

Hi Joe
Some time ago I ask you about copyrights comment. You saw we can use more then 3 panes skins. As you know when we change skin to non more then 3 panes skins this comment move to not suitable position in pages.
In other hand I think copyright is a property of any page, and this property should be set by site copy right comments by default.
So in my opinion we can make a user control so that add to master page (layout.master) by skin designers. Then get a comment form site administrator via a textbox control and save to mp_Pages table in database.
meanwhile I search mojoportal forums and find some comments that are like with my opinion and I see CopyrightLabel web control, but it's very nice if content author can set copy right comment for any page dynamically not in layout. Master because content author maybe not access to this file.

12/7/2008 12:55:32 PM
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Re: Copyright comment

Hi Asad,

I do not think we need to add this to page settings. I do not see other sites on the web that have different copyright info on different pages so I don't see this as a common scenario. One can always add a copyright notice right in the content of the html or blog if they need to. Also content may exist on more than one page, if there was going to be a setting for copyright it should be on the content instance not the page because content instances may be moved and the page has no way of knowing about the copyright of the content on its contained instances of content, (nor should it have any knowledge of it as a matter of separation of concerns design principal)

Maybe someday I'll add it as a property to feature instances but its a very low priority. I already have an ambitious list of things to do on my roadmap.

You are free to make suggestions but it is unlikely that I will diverge from my own plans.



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