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9/17/2008 8:56:53 AM
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I know this has been touched on before in a few posts but I wanted to add whatever weight I can to this topic.

Built in module for a wiki. I have a huge amount of content that lends itself very well to a bog standard wiki with a smaller amount of content that is typical intranet content.

I'm looking for a cms that has the ability to display wiki content as most people expect a wiki to behave (tags/categories and auto linking to other content in the wiki etc), integrated into the theme of the cms, using the same authentication (ie log into the portal once) and importantly be able to search using one search box to search the standard content alongside the wiki content.

Right now I'm having to look at dnn (which personally I don't like) or plone. I would prefer to use MP as it seems to do what I need for the majority of stuff except the wiki which for me is a big thing.

Will the new changes being made to the content model(?) handle my requirements and also when are these changes due?





9/17/2008 9:03:45 AM
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Re: wiki

I plan to implement content versioning very soon in the html content featue so we can revert to any previous version of the content like a wiki.

I also have plans to implement tagging in a way that makes it re-useable across features.

However I have no plans any time soon to implement other wiki-isms like auto linking or wiki markup or any of those other wiki features so if those kind of things are important to you then maybe mojoportal is not going to be the best solution for you. It is an open source project though so if someone else wants to implement a wiki its up to them. I speak only of my own intentions and where my efforts will be invested.



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