Problem usuing tag object

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9/8/2008 6:03:04 AM
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Problem using tag object

I have a problem using a htmlfragment including a code like this:

<object id="object_id" data="http://mylink.asp?id=87&id2=True" type="application/xhtml+xml" classid="clsid:25336920-03F9-11CF-8FD0-00AA00686F13" style="border:0;overflow:hidden; width:750px; height:500px;" title="myapplication"></object>

The result is that the object is running in IE but in Firefox 3.0 the object is shown completely white.
Anybody incountered a problem like this using object tag? (I can't use iframe because of accessibility).

Thank very much

9/8/2008 6:42:08 AM
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Re: Problem usuing tag object

I don't really see how mojoportal can be affecting this.

Does it behave any differently outside of mojoportal if you create a plain old html page?

Is the object known to work in Firefox?

Hope it helps,


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