Announcements module

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7/18/2008 1:52:22 PM
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Announcements module

I am looking at transferring a community site over to Mojo portal and there are a couple of features missing that we currently use on our DNN portal.  One of these is a module that we make community announcements such as upcoming major events.  It is a farely simple module how do I go about submitting this to the project/Is this a module you would want?

Basic features would be entry of new announcements, with from and to dates, the ability to select a page on the site or externally to allow for more detail to be used.

7/21/2008 6:41:02 AM
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Re: Announcements module


If you implement it and want to contribute it to the project under the CPL, then you can send it to me when its finished and I will review it and consider it for inclusion into the core package or make it available as a separate download. If its implemented for all the data layers its easier to include in the core.

Several people have talked about implementing a News Feature which I think is the same thing as an Announcements Feature.

As I discussed at the bottom of this thread, what I would really like to see is an advanced feed aggregator that allows selectively publishing individual items from a set of feeds. In this way announcements could be pulled in from any feature that exposes a feed. I would like to make more of the features expose a feed so that Announcements could be pulled in easily from a blog, an html module, a calendar event etc. This way the announcements content would just be re-used directly from its corresponding  feature. So this advanced feed aggregator could easily be used for Announcements as well as other things.



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