Css problem in Firefox - works in IE

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7/15/2008 6:50:23 AM
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Css problem in Firefox - works in IE

Creating my own skin and got everything perfect except for one thing - doesn't work in Firefox but works ok in IE.  It is to do with a background for the main content area - it doesn't seem to repeat itself (stretch) for the size of the content.  I have a min-height setting for firefox and it only seems to go as far as this minimum height.  link is http://www.thejgang.com/ - just a text site am using to test mojo and to set up a clients website.  If you look at it using firefox you can see what I mean - I have added a bunch of dummy content and the white with border pattern background doesn't continue to the section at the bottom - whereas in IE you will see what it should look like.  I normally do things to make sure they work in firefox but for some reason it is working in IE - I cannot seem to find the answer to this - probably really simple.


7/17/2008 11:22:17 AM
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Re: Css problem in Firefox - works in IE


Well if you did the design using IE first then you most likely have IE specific css in the main css files which are not working correctly in the more standards compliant Firefox. In my documentation, I recommend always design in Firefox first then correct things in IE using the IE override files.

I will say that Firefox 3 has at least one bug I've seen, but still if you design in IE first you are creating difficulty for yourself that is harder to deal with later. There is no way to add Firefox specific css but there is a way to add IE specific css to override the standard css so this reason alone is sufficient reason to always design in FF first, because you can always tweak IE later but you cannot make tweaks later that only affect Firefox.

Hope it helps,


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