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7/12/2008 12:54:05 PM
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Thomas F. Heringer

VZ Forum

VZ Forum - An Alternate Forum For mojoPortal. I found this on the community download page. Do I understand this right, it sounds like this has to be compiled before I can use it? I am using XP, Firefox in case this helps. Right now I have no way to compile, but am interested I do not see a reason to down load it if I would need to compile it. I had CS2 at Sacramento Community College, so I do know what compile means, which to me means to walk very softly (insert laught here). Hope you are having a great day.

12/3/2008 6:26:27 PM
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YAF developer

Re: VZ Forum

Found occasionally the ancient post. Right now I make a new version. It will be mostly based on Yet Another Forum 1.9.3. Unfortunately, I can make it when they make a release. The foeums will have fully compatable data layers. That was not a case with VZ-Forum first version. Moreover, I make PostgreSQL datalayer too. It will be available in February.

Before that I can't make a full release, to  keep up licence compatability. I experience some problems with MySQL 5.1 compatability now too.

I guess that ijn February I would make a new realese base on mojoportal-core. It's a difficult task - I forced to change a lot of code, as YAF developers made their product fit perfectly with MS SQL only.

Let's hope that they make some steps to fit it in , as I've published data layer and conversion tips in a separate sourceforge project for their project. I think that by spring the mojoportal will have full featured extra module with Postgre and MySQL support. And of course Mono.

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