LDAP Authentication in a LDAP Forest

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6/13/2008 1:23:46 AM
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LDAP Authentication in a LDAP Forest

Hi Joe,

I have people logging into the portal from my location fine and they are being authenticated against an LDAP server here. But we have staff memebers in other countries and they dont have their LDAP accounts on the same server I guess coz they say they cant get in with the usual way they could before. The previous method in the old site(not mojo) was Windows Authentication but I setup mojo to use LDAP and locally its fine.

How can people who are in other countries and have their LDAP accounts on other servers possibly login and be authenticated through LDAP?

I dont want to use windows authentication coz the login form allows people to login and never be prompted to login again if they tick the Remember Login box and that is a cool feature. People dont want to have to remember their passwords all the time and they dont like to be prompted to submit it even if it is saved.

Can we specify multiple LDAP domains in the LDAP section? If so how would it be done? One of the Admins here said to try port 3268 instead of 389 but that just locked me out.

The staff members are of the same organisation by the way, just located in places like africa, malaysia, india.

Please help.


6/13/2008 7:21:17 AM
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Re: LDAP Authentication in a LDAP Forest


Well you're getting beyond my knowledge of LDAP. I implemented it and tested against a singe OpenLDAP server and also against a single Active Directory server. I guess you're connecting all these widely separated users via a vpn?

Is there not a way to configure a single LDAP host to relay to the others?

I think the current mojoportal code is only going to talk to one LDAP host. It would take code modification to store multiple LDAP host information and iterate through it trying to authenticate the user. Its possible to do it but its not implemented like that now.



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