ExtJS new "GNU GPL license v3"!!

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5/15/2008 8:26:21 PM
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ExtJS new "GNU GPL license v3"!!

Hi Joe,

I'm sure you're aware that ExtJS have changed to a dual licensing model, and the LGPL has been replaced with a "GNU GPL license v3"!! I wondered what your thoughts were on the effect this will have on mojoPortal and its end users? It looks like Dojo might be a better bet.

I'm not sure what version you're using in your recent releases but you might have to update your license page as ExtJS is shown as LGPL, just thought i'd let you know.



5/15/2008 8:44:47 PM
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Re: ExtJS new "GNU GPL license v3"!!

Hi Reiss,

You can see my response in the comments on this post in the ExtJs blog. In between mojoPortal official releases I had upgraded to ExtJs 2.1 in svn but as soon as I found out they had pulled a bait and switch I reverted to the 2.0.2 release which is still under the LGPL. According to their post they would lead you to believe that its ok for mojoPortal with the open source exceptions clause but it doesn't satisfy me because I want others to be able to package their closed source features with the open source mojoportal. This is allowed by the CPL but anything GPL would not work.

So I have no plans to ever upgrade ExtJs unless they change their mind on the license. I've used Dojo before I got into ExtJs and it didn't seem as well done.

I'm more inclined to get behind OpenExt.

I wish they would come to their senses at ExtJs.



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