Proxy and Captcha

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4/27/2008 10:04:13 PM
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Proxy and Captcha

My mojoPortal is hosted inside an internal network. To make use of objects of System.Net.WebRequest or System.Net.WebClient, i need to prepare an System.Net.WebProxy object with my credentials.

When i use recaptcha, the request cannot reach "" since it is unable pass through the proxy server. Thus, the page fail to validate.
(it is okay with other captcha(s) in mojoPortal)

Feature suggestion:
Proxy configuration in site settings so that WebProxy object can be used.


If there are any other workarounds for this, please kindly let me know too. ^_^


4/28/2008 6:58:52 AM
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Re: Proxy and Captcha


I don't have a proxy environment to test so not sure if this will solve it but, a little googling produced this suggestion for settings in Web.config to setup a default proxy.

usessystemdefault = "false"
proxyaddress = ""
bypassonlocal = "true"

System.Net section is near the bottom of the mojoportal Web.config file. Obviously you would put in the address for your own proxy server.

Please let me know if it works or not.



4/30/2008 2:09:43 AM
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Re: Proxy and Captcha

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your prompt reply (as always).

Due to the settings of my development environment, I'm not able to use web.config configurations to setup appropriate proxy settings (my development windows domain is different from the proxy server for some reason). After some googling efforts, i think your suggested method should work fine (sad that i can't test it myself).

Here is a more detailed description of the method.

Hope this is useful to you all.



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