File Manager Permissions

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1/21/2021 11:49:36 PM
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File Manager Permissions

I had a read through the Forum and Docs about assigning permissions to File Manager. I think we have set up our folders incorrectly in the /Data/Sites/1 location. At the same level as media, we created a library folder which Admins need to access.

I have created a new Role and am trying to give it permission to everything under the Data folder. As a Site Admin, I have access, as does the Content Administrators profile (out of the box) but they have permissions to edit everything and the new Role I want to limit to certain pages.

For the new Role I created, I gave it permissions to Browse and Upload Files, but when the members open File Manager, they can only see the media folder and sub folders.

Is there anyway around this for non Site Admins? I had a fiddle with the webconfig and user config files but nothing seems to have changed.

We are bypassing this by using folder permissions through the network and sharing the folder locations through Windows but I would like to get this working through mojoPortal.

Any help would be appreciated.

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