XML data

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4/24/2008 3:17:48 AM
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XML data


Is it possible to show xml data from a webaddress in mojoPortal?

I have a temperature logger that outputs xml data and I would like to show this at my start page. I looked briefly on the xml/xls module but that only seems to work with local files.

Is this possible?


4/24/2008 7:14:00 AM
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Re: XML data

Hi Emil,

We have an xml module, I'm not sure if you can point it to an url for the xml, it might need modification to do that as I think it was designed to expect the xml in the web server file system. It would not be hard to modify it to support this. Then you would need a corresponding xsl file designed to transform the xml into html fragment.

Or if you have a way of retrieving the xml and putting on disk with a specific name automatically that would also work with the current xml module.

Note the sample sales.xml file and the corresponding sales.xsl file for examples.

I have had a look at a few weather controls recently and bookmarked them with the intention on making mojoPortal feature out of one of them at some point. Just not sure when I will get to it.



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