Drop down menus

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4/1/2008 3:58:15 PM
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Drop down menus

I'm a brand new user evaluating mojoPortal for a small town intranet.  My question to anyone using mojo is are then any drop down menu add-ons and do they automatically generate options as you created content.  I'm dealing with a very beginner based user environment that need all the help they can get posting to the intranet.

4/2/2008 6:57:04 AM
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Re: Drop down menus


The menu is automatically updated when you add new pages to the site using the content system.

As far as the menu goes dropdown is just a skinning or design element. There are a few skins included currently that have dropdown menus including IBuySpy, mojoguidetogalaxy. Possibly new ones coming in the next round of skin designs.

There are some user training videos that may be helpful.

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